Farmington, UT – The Investigations Division of Davis County Sheriff’s Office is seeking additional information from the community, specific to Brandon Dunaj, in an effort to protect and serve previous victims and survivors of intimate partner violence, as well as to prevent future violence.  As defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “the […]

Farmington, UT – A Be On the Lookout (BOLO) document created by Davis County Sheriff’s Office—intended for law enforcement purposes only—was released by a public safety partner and, unfortunately, has since been shared on social media by non-law enforcement individuals or groups and, subsequently, is causing safety concerns.  The sharing of BOLO information or documents […]

Farmington, UT – A compassionate release was requested and subsequently ordered for a 37-year-old male inmate in the care and custody of Davis County Sheriff’s Office. The inmate experienced a critical medical emergency in our correctional facility on September 9. Medical care was immediately provided and the inmate was transported by ambulance and paramedics to […]

Farmington, UT – This morning, at approximately 10:15 am, a 37-year-old male inmate in the care and custody of Davis County Sheriff’s Office was transported by ambulance and paramedics to a local hospital due to a critical medical emergency.  “The safety of those in our custody is a priority to all of us at Davis […]

Farmington, UT – Davis County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue volunteers, in partnership with the Utah Air National Guard, gathered and tested samples from five sources of water. Results of three of the five samples will be available at 11 am today.  “These samples were taken from multiple local water sources, including Davis Creek Trail, […]

Farmington, UT – Search and Rescue volunteers for Davis County Sheriff’s Office are meeting to conduct water quality testing and to develop new skills for active technical rescues.  Water quality testing of five sources of water in Davis County will take place on September 3. In addition to testing the water, Search and Rescue volunteers […]

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