Canadian Man arrested on Child Porn charges due to investigation of 55-year-old OBGYN Nathan Ward Good job Detectives!  Your hard work is affecting communities near and far.   Advertisements

At 5:37 pm on 01/16/2018 A person walking her dog called 911 to report what appeared to be a dead body located at 670 North 1800 East, Fruit Heights. This address is a dirt road above the city of Fruit Heights. Detectives and Crime Lab personnel responded to investigate the incident. They found Matt B. […]

11/06/2017 Early Sunday Morning, at 0136 the Davis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of a gunshot wound at 438 N. 3275 W., in West Point City.  Upon arrival, it appeared that Robin William Lundin, a 28 year old male living inside the residence had shot Colby Scott Barney, a 30-year-old male from the […]

At 0730 this morning, Davis County was made aware of a fire that was burning in Uintah which shares borders with South Weber, a city within Davis County.  The fire quickly threatened structures and citizens in South Weber.  A multi-jurisdictional response was immediately activated.  Fire Departments, Forest Service, BLM, EMS, Law Enforcement, Dispatchers, State and […]

It’s an honor to be recognized by our citizens.  Thank you to KSL for taking the time to talk about the good acts our Deputies, and in this case, the Sheriff of Davis County, do on a daily basis.  The article can be found using the link below.

PIO Sgt. DeeAnn Servey 801-451-4188 06/22/2017 On Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 9:50 pm Davis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for emergency assistance for a possible drowning at the Farmington Pond, located in Farmington Utah.  David Senatus, a 23-year-old male, was with his friends when he swung out into the lake using the rope […]

Davis County Fire Marshal Emergency Services Division Davis County Sheriff’s Office An early spring is upon us, and with it, yard clean up and the need to dispose of yard debris is on everyone’s mind. Due to the impact on air quality, local fire departments, and in agreement with the Davis County Fire Board of Appeals, consisting of […]