Recently Retired Lieutenant Severely Injured in Plane Crash

Farmington, UT –On Thursday, June 25, Jason Sorensen—who recently retired from Davis County Sheriff’s Office and is a full-time hoist paramedic and pilot with Intermountain Life Flight—was severely injured in a plane crash in Davis County. 

Jason is a helper and now, in his greatest time of need, other helpers have boldly and bravely stepped forward. Two bystanders immediately risked their lives to save Jason and the other occupant (who did not survive) of the plane. Without these heroic actions from complete strangers, Jason would have, most likely, had no chance at survival. The lone fact that they selflessly risked their lives to attempt to save the lives of strangers is incredibly commendable. Jason’s brothers and sisters in law enforcement/emergency medical services and on Life Flight also responded on scene and swiftly provided Jason the compassionate care he needed to keep him alive. 

Jason is receiving medical treatment at the University of Utah Burn Center’s Intensive Care Unit. Two surgeries, one of which involved amputation of both legs from the knee down, have been performed. Due to the serious and critical trauma he experienced, Jason has many surgeries ahead and, although he is not close to being out of the woods yet—each minute/hour is full of ups and down, he is in good hands. 

The love and concern shared by the community has been felt by Jason’s wife and family, and continues to bring them the comfort they so greatly need right now. Meals are not currently needed,  and privacy has been asked from all at this time. A charitable account has been established in Jason’s name: 

America First Credit Union

Jason Sorensen

Charitable Account #9116393

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) plans to establish an online fundraiser and graciously compiled a bag of essentials for the family. Thank you to everyone for your kindness and compassion during this very difficult time. Jason is family and our hearts are aching. 

For those who don’t know Jason, he was featured for his heroism on ABC 4’s Behind the Badge last November:


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