Davis County Sheriff’s Office Releases Identity of Farmington Canyon Avalanche Victim and a Statement From His Family

Farmington, UT – On Saturday, January 18, Chase Adams and his father, Ben Adams, were snowmobiling in Farmington Canyon when an avalanche was triggered. Chase and his snowmobile were immediately buried by the avalanche. Chase was wearing a beacon and deployed the airbag in his backpack; however, it did not float as intended. Despite incredibly swift rescue and lifesaving efforts, Chase did not survive. 

A statement from Ben Adams is below: 

“We spent the day at a location that is dear to me and my boys. We had a wonderful day doing what we love to do. When the snow slid, I was shocked, but I had a feeling everything was going to be okay. I prayed, I called his mom, I called 911, and she called 911. Thank you to everyone who rides in Farmington Canyon—it is a beautiful community and family. I am an extremely strong man and in the moment of physical need to save my son my strength availed nothing. I was useless and shifted my strength to God. I relied on him, knowing my nothingness and trusting his great power to give me strength to know that, someday, we will see each other again, by virtue of Jesus Christ. Special thanks to the Larkins and other bystanders, Davis County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, University of Utah AirMed, Utah Department of Public Safety Air Lift and the University of Utah Trauma Team. Be safe.”

Davis County Sheriff’s Office expresses our condolences to the Adams family and thank everyone who responded. Between bystanders, family, Search and Rescue volunteers, and first responders, we were able to locate Chase and transport him to a trauma center within less than 70 minutes from the initial call to dispatch. 

The family requests that their privacy be respected at this time. 


Picture of Chase Adams and his dog in nature.

Chase Adams and his dog, Diesel. PHOTO CREDIT: Allyson Randle Photography

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