DCSO Search And Rescue Teams Rescue Stranded Snowmobilers Above Bountiful

snowmobille rescue

Davis County Search and Rescue Teams responded to a report of two stranded snowmobilers on top of the mountain above the Bountiful “B”.  The Sheriff’s Office received a call for assistance last night around 5:00 pm.  Two adult males were snowmobiling when they encountered white out weather conditions.  They sheltered in place as Search and Rescue crews deployed in an effort to get them off the mountain safely.  The rescue crews worked throughout the night trying to locate the snowmobilers.  When morning came, Intermountain Life Flight agreed to use their rescue helicopter to assist the two stranded men.  Upon locating the men’s exact location from the air, the helicopter crew looked for a safe place to land.  The snow proved to be too deep to land anywhere close to the stranded men.  Search and Rescue teams hiked to the men using snowshoes and guided them to a safe landing zone for the helicopter.  The rescue was successful and the men were lifted off the mountain in good condition.  Search and Rescue teams report the men were able to take shelter under a tree and build a fire in order to survive the cold night.  Great teamwork and rescue training proved to be instrumental in getting these men off the mountain safely.  The snowmobilers ability to start a fire and remain warm helped them survive the night in freezing conditions.  Thank you to all the men and women with DCSO Search and Rescue, US Forest Service and Intermountain Healthcare Life Flight who all worked together to give this story a happy ending.


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