“Team Uno” Campaign Progress

Great news everyone!  Gold Cross dispatcher Jen Nelson is willing to shave her head for a $2,000.00 donation to Paul Coon’s Team Uno Go Fund Me account!  As one person we may feel that we can’t make a difference, but if we all give a little it can effect a huge change in someone’s life.  Please go donate to the account for Deputy Coon today!  #TeamUno


You can help to change the life of Davis County Sheriff Deputy Paul Coon by donating to his Go Fund Me “Team Uno” account!  Several people have stepped up and volunteered to shave their head for various donation amounts!  Here’s how it works:

  1. You can volunteer to shave your head at a specific amount on the main thermometer. (see image)
  2. You can volunteer to shave your head for a specific donation amount amongst your family & friends.
    1. Your individual donors need to make sure to include your name in the notes when they donate to the “Team Uno” Go Fund Me account to go towards your personal head shaving goal. Otherwise, it will only go toward the main thermometer.
  3. Once you shave your head you can challenge someone to shave theirs as well using hashtag #TeamUnoChallenge!
  4. Notify #DCSO via Facebook if you are interested in donating your hair to raise money for Deputy Coon!

Team Uno thermometer


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