National Police Week 2015

Natl police week 2015

This week is National Police Week.  National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.  This year there has been 273 hero’s names added to the fallen Law Enforcement Memorial.  Victor Galante, a retired New York City Officer made these comments during the most recent funeral of Officer #BrianMoore.  He saw only two types of people in the world: good guys and bad guys.  “There is no white or black, no blue, yellow, red, purple,” he said “There are only those who do good, and those who do bad.”  Officer Moore, he said “was a really good officer who was killed by a really bad guy.”

This is how we need to remember our Peacekeepers.  They are the ones who are standing up for the good guys and keeping us safe from the bad ones.  Remember to thank a Deputy or an Officer this week.  They took an Oath to stand in front of a bullet for YOU, to keep YOU safe from the drunk drivers out there, to keep the predators off the streets and respond to help YOU out when you don’t have anyone else to call.  THANK YOU to our brothers and sisters who serve, where ever you are, and for those who gave their life to keep us safe every day.  We have your back, and we always will.  #DCSO would also like to thank the silent majority of public supporters in our community.  Please know we see you.  #LawEnforcementWeek15 #BlueLivesMatter #WeMatter #ThankYou #ThankaCop #WeSeeYou


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