Theresa R. Greaves homicide investigation

PIO SGT DeeAnn Servey


UPDATE- 04/02/2015, 1045

Davis County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted by the relatives of Theresa Rose Greaves.  We are working with them in the investigation surrounding Theresa’s disappearance.  There was a community outpouring by several individuals who assisted in finding her next of kin, and for that we are truly thankful.  Woods Cross Police Department and Davis County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate this case as a homicide and are following all leads generated at this time.


UPDATE- 03/12/2015, 0900

Davis County Sheriff’s Office and Woods Cross Police Department would like to release the identity of the human remains found on February 5th, 2015 in Fruit Heights.  The individual has been identified as 23 year old female Theresa Rose Greaves of Woods Cross.  Theresa went missing approximately 32 years ago in August of 1983.  Davis County Sheriff’s Office and Woods Cross Police Department are conducting a joint investigation into the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.   This is an active investigation and we are requesting that if anyone has information about this case to please contact DCSO at 801-451-4150 or use our free cell phone app.

Missing Person link for Theresa:

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UPDATE- 02/07/2015, 1500

Davis County Investigators are still on scene and have focused their searching efforts on the area surrounding the main gravesite which is toward the top of the hill.  The gravesite meaning the area containing the majority of the skeletal remains.  The homeowner at the top of the hill has granted our Investigators access to the area by way of their backyard.  The home is not involved in the investigation.

This is a very meticulous investigation that is similar to an archaeological dig.  A very slow and methodical approach is being used in gathering the evidence in the area.  Although we have recovered some evidence and transported it to the Lab, there will be investigators on scene for an undetermined amount of time until the recovery effort is complete.

Davis County PIO will continue to give press updates via e-mail and blog posts, but the majority of releasable information has already been given.  We will keep you updated of any new information as it becomes available.


02/06/2015-  Davis County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of suspicious circumstances on 02/05/2015 in the unincorporated area of Davis County on Mountain road in Fruit Heights.  We found what appeared to be a human skull.  The skull looks to have been there for some time.  Local authorities have been called out to investigate the origin and nature of the skull.  During a complex grid search of the area more items of evidence have been found.  Search parties have found what appears to be more human remains, such as bone fragments and pieces of clothing.  All items are being tagged as evidence in order to process them further.  The search has concluded for the evening, but will continue daily until the search is complete.  Davis County Sheriff’s Deputies will remain on scene for security purposes.  DCSO will continue to post updates as more information becomes available.



  1. Brenda Munro · · Reply

    Regarding your article of finding remains. My nephew and his friend disappeared over 45 years ago, the family thinks this was a homicide, the boys and the car has never been found. Originally it the SLC police dept was told the boys were at a reservoir. I was told later that they were in a body of water. I have share all information with the Police Department and I even offered to bring in a search team with cadaver dogs, I have never heard back. I wrote to Governor and asked for permission, no response. The boys are Michael Lloyd Reese (my nephew) and David Jaramillo. Lloyd was just turning 13 and David was 17. Lloyd had full braces. They are on your Missing List in Utah.
    His mother was heavily into the drug world and never followed thru on the disappearance. I was hoping this information might help you with your case. Before my Mom died she asked that we find the children. I will continue as long as there are possible leads. If you need more information please contact me.
    Brenda Munro

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your missing nephew and his friend Brenda, I will pass this along to the detectives. It is good that they are on the registry for missing persons. Have any of the family members ever submitted their DNA? sometimes we can link the remains we locate using family members DNA. You would need to have that on file with the department that took your initial missing person report, so I am assuming Salt Lake PD. We are doing everything we can to try and recover as much evidence as we can in order to identify this individual. Hopefully you will be able to find peace for your boys as well. Thanks for the information.

      1. Brenda Munro · ·

        I doubt that DNA was obtained it was so long ago. His mother and father could submit. His brother Darrell Wayne (now deceased would have records processed since he was in Prison in Utah for that matter so was the mother. I would suggest that you speak to his half sister, she has quite a story to tell about the incident,. SLC said she would not talk if the mother is present. This whole issue is quite complex, Speaking with DT Hamideh may be able to help.

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