Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles Ends in Crash

PIO: Sergeant Susan Poulsen

This morning at approximately 0138 hours, a DCSO deputy ran the license plate of a vehicle in the West Point area as he was on routine patrol. The statewide system returned information that the vehicle, a Mercury Grand Marquis, was stolen. There was a vehicle between the deputy’s vehicle and the suspected stolen vehicle, and as he was following and waiting for his backup to arrive, the suspected vehicle sped off at a high rate of speed. The second vehicle followed the first vehicle at a high rate of speed as the deputy activated his lights and sirens. The deputy was able to obtain the license plate of the second vehicle, a Toyota Camry, and called it in. It too, returned from the statewide system as stolen.

Both vehicles attempted to elude law enforcement at a high rate of speed. The deputy stated speeds reached 100 mph along 1800 N. in Clinton. The Grand Marquis attempted to make a right turn on 2225 W. from 1800 N. with the deputy following, and both vehicles crashed. The Camry continued driving EB on 1800 N. The deputy crashed into a fire hydrant, causing a water main break in the area.

An attempt to locate was broadcast for the Toyota Camry, as officers attempted to locate the driver of the crashed suspect vehicle, but it was abandoned. The pursuit of both stolen vehicles lasted approximately 30 seconds, with no backup officers able to arrive before the pursuit ended in a crash. Clinton Fire Department and Public Works were called for the fire hydrant and water line break.

Utah Highway Patrol is handling the accident investigation. The crashed Mercury Grand Marquis was stolen out of the Clearfield area, with the White Toyota Camry stolen out of Kaysville. Both suspects are outstanding and their identities are unknown at this time. Both the suspect vehicle and the patrol vehicle sustained significant damage. No arrests have been made. This is an active investigation. If anyone has any information regarding a White Toyota Camry, License Plate 073WZV, or any other information about this incident, they are asked to contact the Davis County Sheriff’s Office at 801-451-4150.



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