Press Release: Missing M-16 Located

Missing Rifle Found in the Possession of a Davis County Deputy

Date:  April 17, 2014

PIO:  Sergeant Susan Poulsen



After a year-long investigation, DCSO has located the missing M-16 rifle.    

The investigation has now concluded with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, but detectives have learned that in 2006, a Davis County Deputy who was a member of DCSO’s SWAT Team, and a member of the United States Military, received orders of deployed to Afghanistan for 1 ½ years.  At the time, he requested permission to take an M-16’s for training purposes for SWAT before he was deployed.      

The employee trained with the rifle, and then put the gun into his gun safe at home at the time of his deployment where it has stayed since 2006.  The deputy did his tour, returned home and did a second tour in the Middle East.  He has been home for several years.  According to the employee, he has not thought about that rifle since 2006.  During the investigation, partially because there was a lack of paperwork, and partially because of human error, the employee never heard about an investigation into a missing M-16 rifle.  It wasn’t until he was reading in the newspapers that DCSO had a missing assault rifle that his memory was sparked, he went to his gun safe to check, then made the call to his superior.  Sheriff Richardson was notified on Friday evening, April 11, 2014, and the investigation was reopened.

The M-16 was issued to a DCSO Deputy who was a member of the SWAT team, and a United States soldier.  His employment never ceased and the gun was never on the streets being used for criminal purposes.  He simply forgot it was there.  The employee faces administrative action, and the report has been given to the Davis County Attorney’s Office for review.      

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the media for their invaluable assistance in solving this case. 



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