Farmington Canyon Rollover Injures Female

DAVIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE                               MEDIA RELEASE           

CONTACT:  Sergeant Susan Poulsen              Date:  7/8/2013

Incident #:  D13-04292

On July 8, 2013 at 1721 hours, Davis County Dispatchers received a 911 call that there had been an accident up Farmington Canyon.  Initial reports were that there were two vehicles involved, and one vehicle had rolled over and struck a 41-year-old female.  Deputies responded to the scene, along with Search and Rescue, Life Flight and Farmington Fire Department personnel, to assist in the rescue of the victim. 

When the rescuers arrived, it was learned that a pickup had gotten stuck while driving in the area of about ½ mile north of the Francis Peak Towers.  A second pickup was assisting in trying to pull the stuck vehicle out, when one of the trucks rolled.  A 41-year-old female who was standing outside watching was struck by the pickup that rolled.  The pickup rolled on top of the victim and then drug her partially down the mountain.  Her injuries did not appear to be life threatening.  When Life Flight arrived, the victim was conscious, breathing and alert, complaining of back and hip pain.  The victim was flown to an area hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Deputies remained on scene to investigate the incident.  No other information is available at this time.   



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