Davis County Inmate Worker Program Saves Thousands of Dollars

During the past year, the Inmate Worker Program has had a significant impact on our community.  Since December 1, 2011, Deputies have calculated the approximate number of inmate hours worked on cleanup efforts to be 11,282.  That number doesn’t take into account the thousands of hours they have spent working on jail inmate laundry, floors and routine maintenance inside the jail and the sheriff’s office.  Although it is difficult to attach a dollar number to the amount of money saved through the Inmate Worker Program, at minimum wage alone, this equates to an approximate savings of $81,794.50.    

After the windstorm in December 2011, inmate workers assisted with cleanup efforts throughout Davis County.  Since that time, they have continued to clean debris along I-15 and other roadways throughout Davis County.  Inmate workers have assisted at our landfills, our gun ranges and multiple government complexes.  They have assisted several cities with their cleanup efforts, and have continued to work at the Davis Park Golf Course up through September, 2012.  That has included removing fallen trees, filling in the holes, planting new trees and assisting with other maintenance.  They have assisted the USU Gardens in Kaysville pulling weeds and harvesting vegetables to be donated to the food bank.  And lastly, they worked at Antelope Island prior to the annual Balloon Fest, pulling weeds and beautifying the area.  All work done by the inmate workers is unpaid.   


Sheriff Todd Richardson improved upon the existing Inmate Worker Program by expanding their work efforts out to the community.  Sheriff Richardson said, “This program benefits the residents in the community, the area businesses, and the inmate workers themselves by helping to beautify our community and inmates contributing in a positive way.”   The deputies in the Work Center oversee this program to ensure its success. 




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