Deputies Rescue Trapped Deer

Deputies Rescue Trapped Deer

Davis County Deputies rescued a trapped deer this past week. They were called to a deer trapped in a manhole and arrived to find the deer down far enough that it could not escape on its own. Deputies had to make a decision; they could put

 the deer down, as it would surely die without assistance, or they could attempt to rescue it. They chose the latter. 

Sgt. Taylor filmed as Canyon Patrol Deputy Cox used his climbing rope to lasso the deer. He was able to form a pseudo-leash around the deer’s neck and pull the deer up out of the hole. Although the deer was unhappy with the rescue at the time, he appeared unharmed and when he was released from the rope, he ran off into the woods. Well done, deputies!


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  1. Adam Eckels · · Reply

    No – poorly done – you don’t hoist a deer by a rope around its neck. You could have killed it. Instead, you should have placed a harness around its body and lifted it from that. Next time, call in people who are qualified. How would you like it if I lifted you by a rope around your neck? You’re not heroes – you’re idiots.

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