CONTACT PIO Scott Harper (801) 391-9035



Domestic Violence, Assault on Peace Officer,  Disorderly Conduct and Damage to County Property, Propelling substance at a peace officer


On 09/19/2012 at approximately 5:45 pm the Davis County Sheriff’s Office responded to the address of 2635 East 7800 South on a report of a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, a Sergeant approached the residence and noted the front door was ajar and noticed a broken door bell button. He made contact with the father of a Ms. Katelin Ann Bitton 21 y/o female, the father invited the Sergeant in, as he began explaining the situation, the Sergeant observed Katelin run from the home, throwing food items as she ran away, the Sergeant commanded Ms. Bitton to stop and she refused, Ms. Bitton was throwing food items, while running from the Sergeant, she yelled expletives at him and stated she wanted to kill herself, Ms. Bitton continued to resist and the Sergeant was forced to take her to the ground to control her.

Ms. Bitton and the Sergeant continued to have an altercation, Ms. Bitton attempted several times to kick the Sergeant in the chest, the Sergeant was able to finally place handcuffs on Ms. Bitton. Ms. Bitton was escorted to the driveway of the home and secured in a Sheriff’s vehicle, while in the vehicle, Ms. Bitton began trying to hit her head against the interior of the vehicle, one of the deputies was attempting to hold her, she then spit in his face, Katelin was then transferred to another vehicle.

Once secured in another vehicle, Ms. Bitton was able to grab and injure one of the deputies by attempting to break his fingers. At some point, Ms. Bitton was able to dismantle and destroy an in car microphone used for the video system located in the patrol vehicle.

During the interview with Katelin’s father, the father stated that his daughter had been seen recently for some mental health issues, she had been released from a treatment facility, while she was at home, she became very argumentive with her parents, as the situation escalated, Katelin started throwing items inside the kitchen such as a toaster, chair, etc, Katelin’s father told her he was going to call the Sheriff’s Office, while on the phone with dispatch, the dispatcher could hear the screaming in the background. Katelin apparently grabbed a knife and was threatening to harm herself, at this point Katelin’s mother negotiated with her and Katelin did not harm herself.

Ms. Bitton was transported to the Davis County Jail and booked in on numerous charges which include: Assault on a peace officer (2) counts, Domestic Violence, Disorderly Conduct , Damage to County Property and Propelling substance at a peace officer, Ms. Bitton’s bail has been set at $10,000.


Please contact Deputy Scott Harper PIO, Davis County Sheriff’s Office (801) 391-9035


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