Criminal Mischief to Davis County DARE Vehicle

Davis County DARE Officer, Cole Thon had his DARE vehicle at his house over the weekend.  Vandals hit his vehicle with black spray paint on 9/15/2012.  This particular vehicle, a Saturn Sky, was sold to the Davis County Sheriff’s Office for $1.  Riverdale’s Saturn dealership basically donated this vehicle for the purposes of educating school children on the dangers of drug abuse.  South Ogden Police Department is investigating this crime.  If you have any information, please submit a tip, or call 801-451-4TIP.



  1. guess what. my dad used to be the dare officer for westpoint junior high. and he used to drive that. now i hope they catch these idiots who did that. and i really hope they catch them quick

  2. Eddie Keough · · Reply

    That’s terrible, some people I just don’t understand.

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