News Release: Davis County Sheriff’s Detectives Solve Multiple Fruit Heights Burglaries

Suspect Arrested For Multiple Burglaries in the Fruit Heights Area

                                Davis County:  September 4, 2012

Davis County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested a suspect in at least three burglaries in the Fruit Heights area.  Elliot Frasier, 22-year-old from Fruit Heights, was arrested on suspicion of three separate counts of burglary.  The burglaries occurred in the Fruit Heights area.  Multiple other burglaries occurred in that area during the same time frame, and he is a person of interest in those, as well. 

Mr. Frasier was found to be in possession of property that had been reported stolen by victims of the burglaries.  DCSO investigators located that property at various pawn shops from Davis to Salt Lake Counties.  The property had been pawned by Mr. Frasier. 

A relative also called the Davis County Sheriff’s Office and reported he had property missing from his residence.  That property included four long guns and one handgun, as well as other items.  The missing property from the relative was among items discovered at the pawn shops by investigators, items that had been pawned by Mr. Frasier. 

Davis County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Mr. Frasier’s residence to place him under arrest for the burglaries.  When they arrived, Mr. Frasier eluded police on foot.  After a short two-block chase, Mr. Elliot was taken into custody without incident and booked in on the charges.  Numerous other charges are pending.    




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