Evading Suspect Rolls Vehicle on Antelope Island

On August 18, 2012, at 0226 hours, a tow truck was dispatched to Antelope Island for a vehicle that was stuck in the sand on the beach.   A Davis County Sheriff’s Sergeant responded to assist and made contact with the parties stuck.  After some questioning regarding how they had gotten stuck in that area and at that time of night, the sergeant requested their identification.  

The sergeant ran their information and determined they had given him false information and again, made contact to take the males into custody.  One of them ran to a vehicle in the parking lot and began a police pursuit.  The high-speed chase went around island toward the causeway at a high rate of speed.  No other vehicles were on the roadway at the time. 

When the suspect vehicle reached a curve in the road by the marina, the vehicle rolled.  He extricated himself from his vehicle and fled on foot.  With the assistance of a Sheriff’s K9, as well as other officers, the suspect was located and taken into custody.  He was taken to the hospital and treated before being transported to the Davis County Jail.  The suspect had apparently been worried that he had warrants for his arrest, which was why he gave false information on his identity.  A check showed he did not have any active warrants for his arrest.  Mr. Sposito was booked in on charges of evading, resisting arrest, driving on suspension, possession of marijuana and false information to a peace officer. 

Sheriff Todd Richardson assisted with the incident and transported the second male, Sean Phillips, 9/24/1991 of Ogden, to the Davis County Jail.  He was booked on warrants.   The wrecked vehicle was owned by an acquaintance of Mr. Sposito.    


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