Multi-Agency Warrant Service

On 6/14/2012, Davis County Sheriff’s Deputies attempted to serve felony warrants on a suspect out of Clearfield.  When they arrived to serve the warrant, they had sheriff’s K9’s to assist, which alerted to the presence of illegal narcotics at the door.   The officers knocked and no one answered the door, although they could hear movement inside the residence.  The officers left and obtained a search warrant for the residence.  It was also determined that the suspect had counter-surveillance around the exterior of the home.

After a search warrant was signed by a judge, Clearfield PD and Davis County Deputies, along with DMNSF worked together to take the suspect into custody.  There was still no answer in the residence, but this time, officers were able to make entry.  The front door was fortified by 2 x 4’s, and was also wired for electricity, in order to electricute anyone entering the front door, although no officers were injured due to it not being plugged in at the time.

The suspect’s girlfriend was located immediately, and was not cooperative with officers.  22-year-old Chelsie Martinez was arrested on  several charges including possession of controlled substance and obstruction of justice. 

36-year-old Brandon Michael Lewis was located hiding in the attic under piles of insulation.  He had been hiding for approximately an hour before he was located.   Mr. Lewis was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute and his warrants.   



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