Davis County Sheriff’s Office Urges Extreme Caution When Target Shooting

Davis County Sheriff’s Office–Centerville Fire Update:  June 12, 2012
Release Date:  June 12, 2012
Contact:  Sgt. Susan Poulsen (801)725-3637                                 
Target shooters need to exercise caution when shooting.  The Davis County Sheriff’s Office urges citizens to shoot in designated areas, such as shooting ranges, as opposed to areas with dry grasses and fuel for fires. Last night’s fire above Centerville was possibly started by target shooters shooting at clay pigeons.  They attempted to put the fire out when they observed the fire, and were cooperative with investigators.  But they may be held responsible. If you choose to target shoot in an unsafe location and a fire is started, you can be charged with a crime.  You may also be responsible for any damages the fire incurs.  This year, being an extreme fire danger, be aware of the risks involved with the activities you choose to participate in.  Know the laws before you go.  Attached is a link to the shooting laws in the County and Forest Service areas. 
http://bit.ly/LQgK3P (shooting laws). 


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