Davis County Sheriff’s Office responds to concerns of suspicious vehicle in South Weber.

It has come to the attention of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) that there is a situation in South Weber that has residents concerned for the safety of their children and community.  Reports have been received regarding a “suspicious vehicle” driving through South Weber City neighborhoods with a single adult male driving the car.  According to reports, if he is approached by citizens, he “speeds off.”  No criminal activity has been reported on this individual, but rumors are circulating that this individual is watching children in various neighborhoods, and that he is “creepy.”

Rumors are that his has been going on for several months, but DCSO received reports about this late last week for the first time.  The Sheriff’s Office would like to calm the concerns of citizens in those areas regarding this individual. 

The actual reports DCSO has taken regarding this individual have been:

  • On 2/29/2012, there was a report of a suspicious vehicle seen numerous times throughout the past two months driving around Kay Drive.  It does not stop at any of the homes, but drives by.  They believe it is suspicious.
  • On 3/2/2012, we took a report of the same vehicle driving through the area with no criminal activity observed. 

These are the only two official reports DCSO has taken regarding this individual/vehicle.  On March 2, 2012, deputies came into contact with that individual and he voluntarily pulled his vehicle over to speak with deputies. 

During their investigation on that occasion, deputies determined a few facts that might be of interest to concerned citizens:

  • The individual has no criminal record anywhere
  • He is not listed on the Sex Offender Registry
  • He did not have any illegal items or contraband in his vehicle or on his person (and in fact gave consent without hesitation for deputies to search his vehicle.)
  • Nothing in his vehicle indicated he is a child predator, or has any interest in stalking/photographing/documenting children or property of interest in the city.
  • Subject admitted he was recently let go from his employment and enjoys driving to reduce his stress level (like jogging or bike riding) and his specific route takes him through South Weber, as it is a quiet, beautiful community. 

This entails all involvement that DCSO has had with this individual.  The rest of the story seems to be word of mouth that has begun to grow into an almost widespread panic.  It has spread into a community organized effort that has included starting up social media pages to spread information, possible lockdown of the elementary school (on the day of the incident), the handing out of thousands of flyers containing pictures and information on this individual, and so forth.   We are concerned with this approach to an individual who has committed no crimes.  We do not want this situation to progress into a something that harms or defames anyone, based on rumor. 

Where we applaud the efforts of a well-organized community that has the best interest of its residents and children in mind, we want to calm the nerves of everyone in the area.  Sgt. Shane Archibald of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, who investigated the traffic stop with this individual, stated that “Based on my observations and years of experience, this individual poses no threat to the community or its children, considering the information we have received.” 

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the City of South Weber and its residents for being diligent in your neighborhood watch efforts with quick response to potential harm to your children.  We encourage the residents to continue in this effort and the Sheriff’s Office will continue partner with South Weber and investigate any suspicious activity before it becomes a crime. 

If you observe any criminal activity, please contact the Davis County Sheriff’s Office, at 801-451-4150 or 801-444-2280. 


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