Beware of scam . . .

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office has taken several reports recently of a scam that is occurring in our area.  The victims receive a phone call from a supposed family member (usually a grandchild.)  The caller tells “grandma or grandpa” that they are in another country (usually South America somewhere), and they have been involved in a car accident.  Also, the police in this country have charged the “grandchild” with DUI.  The caller then tells “grandma” that he needs several thousand dollars for bail and airfare to leave the country. 

Several people have been scammed recently by this trick.  The caller sounds very convincing and tells the victim not to contact his parents, as he wants to tell them in person, when he gets home.  The caller then provides the victim with information on how to wire money to them quickly. 

This seems fairly obvious that people would know their own family members.  However, the suspects in this case are preying upon elderly people, and some of them have some information, such as their grandchild’s name and age.  This is a scam.  If you believe it might be true, take a few minutes to find out if your grandchild truly is in Peru, or Mexico City, before sending the money.  Do not give out personal information or send money based on a suspicious phone call.


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