First Patient in RSI Pilot Program Survives, Goes Home After 45 Day Hospital Stay

Clara Lewis was able to return home from the hospital after a 45 day stay.  Clara was hit by a Commuter Rail Train in November of 2011, and was clinging to life.  When DCSO’s paramedics arrived, it was clear to them what needed to happen.  Clara was not conscious, and was not able to protect her own airway.  Without Oxygen, the brain will begin die within a few minutes.  Clara had fluids in her airway that threatened that vital Oxygen flow to her brain. 

Two of DCSO’s paramedics who are involved in the pilot program for rapid sequence intubation happened to be on duty, and nearby when the accident occurred.  Paramedics Jason Sorensen and Shane Archibald were on scene within minutes, and proceeded to initiate the new protocol, which involves paralyzing the patient so they do not have a gag reflex, and then placing the breathing tube in the patient’s airway.  They did this seamlessly, with very positive results!

We are grateful that Clara survived and is now able to return home to her family.  We will continue to keep her and her family in our prayers and that her recovery continues as well as it has been thus far.  Thanks to all of those who helped Clara in her recovery.


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