Community In Action!

The Davis County Sheriff’s Office activated our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on December 4, 2011, because of a second high wind warning within a week.  The first storm that hit caused substantial damage throughout Davis County, so much so that the Davis County Commissioners declared Davis County a disaster.  The monitary damages are yet unknown, but are estimated to be well above $8 million, which Centerville alone estimated for their city. 

Governor Gary Herbert made an appearance at our EOC, and called out the Utah National Guard to assist in the clean up efforts.  The real story of the day was the citizens of the community themselves.  A call for help was put out, that debris leftover from the first storm could potentially become airborne.  This would create projectiles that could increase the danger to the public, as well as their property.  With that in mind, the entire community throughout Davis County pitched in.  Many Sunday Services were cut short or cancelled, and church members joined with others in the county to dispose of all debris leftover from the winds.  The landfills all opened up for the day and accepted waste from everyone willing to help.  Inmate workers from the Davis County Jail joined the list of volunteers and together, the community was cleaned up.

In the end, the second wind storm lost steam and didn’t end up causing any further damage.  But the hard-working citizens of this community didn’t wait to see further damage to their community, they took the problem into their own hands and worked together.  With that many volunteers, much work gets accomplished.  Thank you to all of you who assisted in this effort!  We have all confidence that this is a community who will help out whenever disaster strikes our area.


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