Bomb Training Day

The Davis County Sheriff’s Bomb Squad had a recent training day on September 7, 2011.  The went to a remote location away from the population.
Two vehicles parked, ready for training.

Bomb technicians working to prepare the vehicles for training.

Getting mini van readied.

Bomb guys attaching something to the trunk with Duct Tape.

Vehicles visible through the sunflowers.

Oh boy.
Wow . . .
Yeah, that’s schrapnel.
More explosives for training.

Damage caused throughout the day.

Van’s gonna need some work!

Some sort of training aid.

Don’t do it, guys!

Uh oh.

Holy Toledo!  What can we say to this?

Dealing with bombs and bomb-making materials is a very dangerous job.  We appreciate you guys for your willingness to deal with these situations for a safer community for us all! 

Clean up, aisle 4 —–>

Nice work, guys!

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