Mojo Goes to the Dentist

Going through Dental School is hard enough.  But can you imagine your patient coming in for a little work done, and having him on four legs and hairy?  That’s what Dr. Scot J. Neil and his staff had today out of Summit Dental in Layton.

Dr. Neil is actually trained for this type of situation, although it is uncommon.  It is also very unusual for him to work on a police K9.  But we are very glad that he agreed to do this work.

The staff had to put Mojo under anesthesia (so they could keep all of their fingers) and then inspect some broken teeth. 

Here Mojo is showing his pearly whites with his new handler, Steven Sanford assisting.

During his recovery phase, Deputy Sanford stayed with Mojo as he came out of the anesthesia.

Mojo will take a while to come out of it, but that’s normal.

Mojo will have another visit to give him is titanium teeth to replace the broken ones.  (Alright, I jest.  They will be gold.  But they will still be able to bite like nothing you want to go up against.)
Scot J. Neil, D.D.S. is giving DCSO a very large and appreciated discount for his service.  We want to thank Summit Dental for taking care of one of our beloved dogs!  Thanks guys!

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