POST K9 Narcotics Training Yields Drug Bust

On August 17, 2011, Utah’s POST K9 training for narcotics dogs was at DCSO for the day.  Dogs from all over the State of Utah are currently in the class and we were fortunate enough to have them at our facility for the day.

All of the K9’s trained in the jail.  Here, Syracuse PD’s K9 is searching in the laundry area.
All of the dogs in the jail created some excitement.
All of the officers and K9’s moved out to the parking lot for some vehicle search training. 
Here, UHP’s K9 alerts on a vehicle during training.  Training drugs were hidden for this scenario.
DCSO’s Nitro indicates on a pickup during training in the parking lot.  All great training for the dogs.
Deputy Varela was instructing the class, here he is with his K9, Jak.
During the class, all of the officers walked their K9’s through the jail parking lot.  A dog indicated on one of the vehicles in the visitor’s parking lot.  Another K9 came through and indicated on the same vehicle.  They walked all of the K9’s through the area and all of the K9’s indicated on the same vehicle.  This roused some suspicion on the officers, so they contacted the jail, where the staff asked who owned that vehicle.  One female, who happened to be visiting an inmate claimed it was hers.  She went out to the parking lot and told the officers there wasn’t anything in her vehicle and gave them consent to search.  What she forgot was the meth and marijuana that was still in her vehicle.  The K9’s located the drugs in an instant and the female who was only there for a visit, now gets a much longer visit.  Some folks have all the luck!


  1. Ha ha! That is too funny.

  2. Lol! That's awesome!

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