Patrol/Search and Rescue Training Day

On Tuesday, Aug 16th, DCSO patrol/paramedic division teamed up with DCSO Search and Rescue and the Forest Service for rescue training.  Everyone is preparing here to ascend Adam’s Canyon for a mock rescue.

Making the ascent

Making the ascent.

Forest Service Officer Brandon Robinson and Deputy Cory Cox showing their GQ.
Patient has been located, now it’s time for patient assessment.

Seasoned Search and Rescue guys watching . . . (thinking: come on guys, you can do it!)

Packaging the patient

After IV’s and securing the patient, she can go in the stokes now. 
Working together, patient’s ascent up steep, rocky slope is almost effortless.

On top, time to reassess.

I know it looks like Brandon is going to entertain on a unicycle, it’s not actually what is going on.  It’s actually going on the stretcher for easier transportation.  But I’m sure Brandon could ride a unicycle, given the opportunity. 
Deputy Jason Sorensen is making sure the bridge is safe for crossing by doing a nice dance step.


Watch your step, guys.

Don Morgan, from Search and Rescue leading the pack.

Nearing the end.  It takes a lot of help to bring one person down off the mountain.

This looks like their posing . . . ?
Nice work to all, and a great day on the mountain for training.  The mountain is still there, still beautiful, and some days work doesn’t seem like work!

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