National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, April 10-16

This week, DCSO has been celebrating our outstanding group of dispatchers during the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, April 10-16.  To celebrate this event, dispatch has had “Theme Day” for the week.  They have had casual dress day, crazy hat day, dress up day and I love the 80’s day. They played “law enforcement Bingo,” based on the different calls they receive during the week and the winner gets a prize.
Dispatch has been open for visitors who call for an appointment this week.  Loretta Park, from the Standard Examiner, paid us a visit and wrote an article about our fine dispatchers.   
Amanda Hendersen won for the day shift, and Amber Bowman won for the afternoon shift for crazy hat day. 

Teresa Johnsen was this year’s nominee for DCSO’s Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year Award.  Every medical reviewed for Teresa for emergency 911 calls was rated “outstanding” with an overall 96 percentile average.  Teresa’s unique ability to handle difficult and out of control callers has significant reduced time between receiving the call to dispatch time and she sets the standard for others.  Congratulations Teresa!

Dee Bird was this year’s DCSO Dispatch Supervisor of the Year nominee.  Dee is a model supervisor who takes care of his subordinates and is willing to go the extra mile to help them become better dispatchers.  He insures they receive the required yearly training, and seeks additional individualized training to help each employee grow in their dispatch career.  Dee is a 22 year dispatch veteran who is beloved by all who hear his voice! 

DCSO would like to thank our Dispatch Center for all of their dedication and hard work.  Thanks for always being there when we call. 

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